Enrolled Evangelist Policy

Sponsored by North American Missions

In order to facilitate ongoing revival within the United Pentecostal Church, it is essential to have qualified, full-time evangelists to help reap the harvest and maximize our potential for growth. North American Missions feels that it is imperative to further assist evangelists with direction and training for ongoing growth in this ministry.


To coordinate the efforts of the evangelists in the UPCI by:

  • Raising awareness of the evangelist’s ministry within the UPCI.
  • Providing ongoing training and resources.
  • Encouraging and facilitating networking with other evangelists.


To fulfill this purpose, North American Missions, via the Evangelists Ministry, proposes that a full-time evangelist within the UPCI be offered an official enrollment opportunity, with the following benefits:

  • Listing on the evangelist’s web directory for ministry visibility.
  • Special notation in the Evangelists listing in the UPCI Directory.
  • Access to the NAM Evangelist Coordinators in each District.
  • Reduced fees for exhibit space at General Conference.
  • Any special privileges given to Enrolled Evangelists at conferences partnering with NAM.
  • Can request assistance from the Enrolled Evangelist Emergency Assistance.
  • Per Diem Expenses relating to the annual Evangelists Conference.

All UPCI evangelists that recognize the value of this program and its benefits are invited to enroll.

Evangelist Qualifications

In Order to be Enrolled, an Evangelist must:

  • Be a licensed minister of the United Pentecostal Church in good standing.
  • Have been a full-time evangelist for one year. Have the approval of their District, having met the criteria set forth by their District.

NAM suggests the following guidelines for consideration as a full-time evangelist:

  • Definition of a full-time evangelist: Involved in revival services outside your home church 75% of the year (i.e. 39 Sundays/weeks).
  • Accountability: An evangelist must have a pastor and home church in their District that is recorded with the District.
  • Contact Information should be on file with the District Evangelist Coordinator. (If a District Evangelist Coordinator has not yet been appointed, the North American Missions District Director will serve as District Evangelist Coordinator.)
  • Have a letter from their District verifying their status as a full-time evangelist on file with North American Missions.
  • Attend at least one Evangelist Seminar sponsored by North American Missions, or, when available, complete the training online.
  • Pay $50 per calendar year as an enrollment fee to the Evangelists Ministry of the UPCI. *If the evangelist is currently a monthly sponsor of the P.I.E. program, this annual fee may be waived. Dues Page Link

Evangelist Enrollment Process

The process for enrolment in the Evangelist Ministry program is as follows:

  • Must be a UPCI minister in good standing and current on all ministerial dues by September 1.
  • Submit the Enrolled Evangelist online application.
  • Submit an approval letter from their home district confirming at least 1 year of full-time evangelistic ministry.
  • Must have the approval of the Evangelist Ministry Coordinator upon all conditions being met.
  • Pay the $50 enrollment fee by September 1. Dues Page Link

The process for re-enrollment in the Evangelist Ministry program is as follows:

  • Must be a UPCI minister in good standing and current on all ministerial dues by September 1.
  • Must have met, for at least one year, their home district’s minimum requirements for a full-time evangelist.
  • Must pay the $50 annual dues by September 1 each year. Dues Page Link
  • It is the responsibility of the evangelist to make sure that their dues are current.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I enroll?

  • Enrollment or re-enrollment is open all year, starting and ending September 1 to correlate with the printing of the directory.
  • Each evangelist must meet the minimum district requirements.
  • It is assumed by NAM that the re-enrolled evangelist is meeting these reasons.

What is the process for giving to PIE?

  • Giving to PIE can be accomplished either by calling into the office or using the www.give.upci.org portal.
  • After becoming a monthly PIE partner, the lady evangelist can log in to the give.upci.org portal to see any payments made online. Become a Partner In Evangelism
  • Their annual receipt will reflect this giving or they can call WHQ for specific transaction information.

What if I already give to PIE? Are my dues waived?

  • Any evangelist can have their yearly evangelist dues waived if they are a Partner In Evangelism sponsor.
  • Only MONTHLY donors who are current on their ministerial dues (by September 1) will have their Evangelist dues automatically waived.
  • If an evangelist chooses to make a one-time donation to PIE, they must do so before September 1 in order for their dues to be waived.
  • If an evangelist makes a one-time payment with no form for a pledge, and that payment is not monthly, they will not be considered a monthly partner.
  • It is the responsibility of the evangelist making the PIE pledge to confirm that their giving has been annotated at WHQ.
  • An evangelist may check their giving at any time at www.upciministers.com.

Have more questions?

Contact Vanessa Hoffmann in the North American Missions department at (636) 229-7900 or vhoffmann@upci.org.