Download The 5 Steps To A Great Pentecost Sunday PDF File – Click Here

1. Cultivating Pastors VisionClick Here

Take time alone with God in prayer , Bible devotion and meditating. Allow God to speak something into our spirit about your church and the potential of the Pentecost Sunday Outreach. Read Acts Chapters 1-3 to build up your faith.

2. Casting Vision To The ChurchClick Here

Formulate a message to the church based on what God has place in your heart. Talk about past victories and things learned from past mistakes in evangelism efforts. Cast vision for the best outreach effort focused on Pentecost Sunday your church has ever implemented.

3. Promotions and AdvertisingClick Here

Utilize printed postcard size invitations and possibly newspaper ads and radio spots. Social media will be a very good value. Place ads on facebook, twitter and instagram, even some live videos on periscope and facebook live. Investigate the email marketing opportunity.

4. The Pentecost Sunday ServiceClick Here

Begin on time. Think through pre-service music, the worship service (about 15 minutes), A1 or 2 testimonies from members (pre-approve) The sermon (about 20 minutes), The altar call for those who wish to receive the Holy Ghost or get water baptized (build faith) ad prayer for the sick at the end of the service. Plan a short time of fellowship and get acquainted at the conclusion of service

5. Managing Follow-UpClick Here

Letters, Phone calls and the Email Marketing Followup program will assist here. Some followup Social Media marketing thank ing everyone for coming is important also. You may transition into the Family Shield Program (Enrolling people in your Sunday school)