Community Outreach Planning


To plan a community outreach crusade, you need at least 8-12 months. It can certainly be done faster if necessary, but remember: you’re planning for more than a crusade. You’re working to launch a preaching point or daughter work church when the crusade actvitiess are over. Give yourself enough me to plan e ec vely.

The following is what needs to be accomplished 8-12 months or more in advance of your launch date.

1. The most important thing to accomplish in this me frame is to secure a date and loca on for the crusade. Town schedules ll up fast, so the earlier the be er. You’ll need facili es for almost an en re Saturday. The basic schedule is as follows:

  • Setup me 9am – 11am
  • Block Party 11am – 12:30pm
  • Crusade Service 12:00
  • Cleanup 1:00pm – 2:00 pm

2. Meet with town o cials. Share with them your vision, plan, and purpose. Finalize a date and a loca- on. The loca on can be a community center, school gymnasium, an available empty lease, etc. You must be able to seat 250+ people. Also, a loca on with exis ng electricity is a HUGE plus.

3. Apply for the proper permits with the town if required. It is very important to abide by the rules. Ask town o cials if permits need to be applied for. Deposits may be required.

4. If your date is nalized, go ahead and try to book your evangelist for the crusade service. You’ll need the evangelist booked for the whole weekend. You’ll be doing a follow-up service on the Sunday following the crusade, so he’ll be doing two services.

5. As details are nalized, begin to promote them to your congrega on. You’ll need their excitement and enthusiasm to help make this plan become a reality. Keep them updated as the en re process progresses.

6. Remember to keep in touch with town o cials at various mes throughout this en re process. Keep them informed on what you’re trying to accomplish. Having them involved and on your side is important.


The following is what needs to be accomplished 6-8 months in advance of your launch date.

If you haven’t been able to yet, make sure your date and loca on have been secured with the town of- cials and all permits have been applied for (if necessary). Also, complete any tasks le over from the previous sec on.

1. Start to formulate your team that will help you through the remainder of the process. At the very least, you need to appoint a right-hand man/woman/couple that will assist you. They will be known as your “Team Leader.” If possible, choose an organized person, who pays a en on to detail and can help dele- gate tasks to others to make sure the process goes a smoothly as possible.

Other than your Team Leader, a team of 5-10 people should be su cient. This is NOT your en re work- force – you’ll need much more help from your congrega on. This is merely a team of folks to coordinate the food prepara on, guest registra on, trash cleanup, sound setup, etc. As you go through this manual, your team will help you complete the necessary tasks.

At the least, you’ll likely need to appoint a coordinator for each of the following: – Security/Parking

  • Sound system setup and opera on – Food/Rentals
  • Guest Registra on/Giveaways
  • Trash/Cleanup

– Adver sement Distribu on/Follow-up – Altar Workers

2. Begin scoping out poten al target sites for your preaching point that will be launched a er the crusade is over. You’ll want to get this site secured soon, because you’ll include it in adver sement leading up to – and a er – the crusade. This is the ul mate goal of all your e orts. Look into community centers, retail space, school gymnasiums – anything that will work.

Your service schedule may vary from others. You need to shoot for at least one service a month, preferably on a xed day to help people remember (ex: the 1st Friday of every month). You may be able to hold more than one service a month. Keep in mind what all is involved when planning. You might need chairs set up, sound system, musicians, altar workers, etc.

3. Do some research to see if your town hosts any type of fes vals or public ac vi es. These are a per- fect me to adver se for what’s coming. If possible, set up a booth to adver se. If you’re able to do this, you’ll likely need the following: a 10’ by 10’ pop-up tent, table, banner, promo onal cards, and a smiling, friendly sta .

4. Check with your evangelist if necessary to coordinate their travel schedule, and make sure you have all travel arrangements made.

TIMELINE 2.2 – 6-8 Months from Launch