The Evangelists Ministry of the United Pentecostal Church Operates Under the Direction of North American Missions

First and foremost the Evangelists Ministry is focused on fulfilling the Great Commission. We feel the call and carry the burden of evangelism delivered by our Lord. Through partnering with church planters, local church pastors, and global missionaries, evangelists carry the gospel into “all the world” on a weekly basis.

Our mission of evangelizing the world is notably expressed through some keys areas of focused impact. These evangelism projects reflect our passion for the message of truth and the masses who desperately need to hear the truth.

Pentecost Sunday Project

A “national grassroots evangelism campaign” designed to unify every United Pentecostal Church into an intense day of evangelism each year on Pentecost Sunday.

Family Shield Project

A “community connect effort” designed to build the local church’s reach through Sunday School enrollment.

Prodigals Project

A “reach the backslider campaign” designed to help the local church reach out to the backsliders with a call to come home.

Every Soul Counts Project

A “Matthew 25-based community outreach” designed to demonstrate compassion to those on the fringes of society through helping with material provision and sharing the love of  Christ.

Lifting Hands

A “ministry to the minister effort” designed to encourage, comfort, and edify the entire five-field ministry.