National Evangelist Director Job Description

Job Description

National Evangelists Director – NAM UPCI

Ministry Purpose

The Evangelists Director is responsible for assisting the Regional Evangelist Directors and the District Coordinators in facilitating the needs of the local churches in the District. The National Evangelists Director will continually strive to become familiar with evangelistic ministries that will edify the local church, work in harmony with pastors, and place a strong emphasis on evangelistic endeavors to bring people into the body of Christ.

The National Evangelists Director works under the North American Missions Department and is directly accountable to the NAM Board and the NAM Director.

Job Qualifications

  • Must be a veteran enrolled evangelist for at least five years.
  • Must be in good standing with the local District and have District Superintendent’s approval.
  • Must be willing to work in harmony with others.
  • Must be faithful and dependable in accomplishing duties.
  • Must carry a love and burden for the souls of men, women, and children.
  • Must communicate with District directors, pastors, and the NAM staff with tact, zeal, and love.
  • Must be given to the study of evangelism and soul winning.
  • Must be familiar with the website.
  • Must be familiar with all functions of the Evangelists Ministry.

Ministry Responsibilities

  • Shall oversee all operations and projects of the Evangelists Ministry under the direction of the NAM Director.
  • Shall attend the NAM Planning Session, Nam BOD Meetings and NAMAC as called upon by NAM Director.
  • Shall maintain a list of all enrolled evangelists’ phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses.
  • Shall oversee the annual Evangelist Conference.
  • Shall oversee and assist in the Enrolled Evangelists Program assisting all evangelists in the enrollment process.
  • Shall seek to promote and inform the UPCI about the Enrolled Evangelist Program.
  • Shall oversee and participate in the weekly evangelist conference call.
  • Shall seek to promote and inform the UPCI about the P.I.E. program of monthly financial support for the national Evangelists Ministry. Shall enlarge fundraising opportunities.
  • Shall post often and responsibly on the Evangelists Ministry facebook and twitter social media accounts.
  • Shall oversee the annual Pentecost Sunday Campaign.
  • Shall oversee the evangelists booth at the annual UPCI General Conference.
  • Shall represent the concerns and ministry of the evangelists at all District and national meetings when called upon.