Welcome to cold season. The first sniffle or sneeze is an indicator that your immune system is breaking down and that it needs some help. The quicker you take action, the qulcker you will recover from this attack. What is amazing however is that God made your body with the ability to heal itself. With the often toxic environment and toxic foods many are eating, we prevent the systems from working properly, so the recommendations to follow help the body do its job. Take your healing seriously, understand it is within your power, be diligent with these recommendations and you will be on track for a quicker recovery.
Inflammation in your body is the foundation for sickness and disease. You can have inflammation but yet not feel sick. However, having inflammation you are at risk of being compromised by “bugs”. The cold sniffle, or sneeze are indicators that your health is breaking out in the wrong direction.
The foods/drinks, etc. that you are consuming is the foundation for why you are being affected by the virus or organism that has invaded your space. Just like a house is best built from the foundation, you will ultimately want to deal with that issue but let’s get to the fixes that you should do immediately to start feeling better.
Antioxidants to the rescue! In my view, the more of these antioxidants you apply with regularity to your body the more you are fighting the cold from multiple fronts….and the quicker you get over it.
Baking soda. Take a teaspoon of it mixed in several ounces of water morning and night asap. It reduces your body’s acidity level which causes more susceptibility to sickness.
Goldenseal root(not herb) Take two capsules every 2 to 4 hours. Goldenrood root is a natural antibiotic that is very effective against colds and respiratory sicknesses. I encourage you to keep a supply of these capsules. You can obtain it from a health food or vitamin store.
Vitamin C in the form of Ester C…Take 1000 mg several times per day. This vitamin is very effective against sickness. You can step to even larger doses without an issue. Diarrhea is the body’s reaction where you have reached beyond your toleration level of the Vitamin C. In that case, you would just reduce the dosage. You would have to go far beyond the above dosage before diarrhea would even begin to be an issue.
Ginger, cloves, turmeric and cinnamon(all of these should be organic whenever possible) are powerful. They are best in their original state because there is no contamination from any manufacturing process. Concerning ginger or turmeric, cut off an inch sized piece and chew it. As for cloves, chew a few, crushing them in your mouth before swallowing. None of these taste the best but remember this is about your health, not taste. Organic powdered forms can used as an alternative. Walmart offers inexpensive organics in their spice section. If you are using the powdered forms, take a ½ tsp of each in water or in a green tea several times per day.
These and other natural, non-pharmaceutical solutions are greatly enhanced by altering one’s diet for the reduction of inflammation and excess mucus.
Diet and its effect on health should be taken very seriously, especially when you are seeking to get well. White flour products, processed foods and sugary drinks or sugary food consumption create a friendly environment for inflammation and sickness and therefore should be excluded.
The proper level of water consumption is essential to your healing. Daily consume at least ½ your body weight in ounces in water. It takes at least that much water per day for your body to expel waste from your cells as it should. Most people are vastly dehydrated are thus carrying waste that exacerbates sickness.
Healing should not be a mystery. Understand the body’s amazing God-given ability to heal itself. Support its healing work by antioxidants, proper diet, and sufficient water and you will be on the mend.
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Felix & Ida Crowder

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