Greetings Enrolled Evangelists,
We appreciate your dedication to the Kingdom and labor in the harvest!
It is that time of year to pay your Enrolled Evangelist dues. The annual Enrollment fee of $50.00 will be due each year by September 1, for your name to be listed in the printed copy of the UPCI Evangelist Directory.
Due to the current circumstances of COVID we will extend the deadline until September 20, 2020. Please update your personal information by filling out the following form, upon submission of current information you will be redirected to pay your dues.
As a friendly reminder when you pay your dues your name will be listed in the upcoming printed 2021 UPCI Directory, along with the online directory. You are also eligible for all the benefits of the Enrolled Evangelist including special assistance from any and all District Evangelist coordinators, opportunity to utilize the Emergency Assistance fund at up to$1,000 per year for emergencies, as well as any other perks provided to the Enrolled Evangelist (i.e., BOTT registration fee waived).
If you have not already done so we invite you to add yourself to the online Evangelist Directory hosted on our website. You can create a profile at your convenience – click here 
We look forward to supporting you in the work of the harvest! May God bless you and your endeavors for His Kingdom!
In Christ,
North American Missions
Evangelist Department

Enrolled Evangelist Directory